Amazon unveiled the new and second generation Echo smart speaker a few weeks back, but they are already making an expansion. Albeit this is a small update, but Amazon is partnering with (RED) to offer the Echo in a PRODUCT(RED) color.

And as we have seen with other products that are under the (RED) brand, Amazon will donate $10 from every purchase of the Echo in PRODUCT(RED). And even better any (RED) for every $1 spent on Amazon for (RED) products, Bank of America will donate $0.30. The Amazon Echo in PRODUCT(RED) is shipping now and is still prime eligible.

The new Echo features a smaller design, although it still packs a punch with sound. And like previous Echo, it will continue to get smarter through updates to Alexa Skills and Amazon continues to open the API, more experiences will be coming to the Echo. You can also use the second generation Echo for music streaming, asking questions, shopping on Amazon, and more.


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