The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show will be officially underway tomorrow, but the news is coming sooner. Lexip has just unveiled a 3D Mouse which most certainly has gamers in mind with multiple joysticks onboard.

It is designed for games with 3D environments, specifically Minecraft, Elite Dangerous, and similar titles. Lexip’s 3D Mouse has an ADNS-9800 laser sensor for tracking, along with two accelerometers internally. There are also hand grips built into the top and sides of the mouse for a comfortable playing experience. You also get two joysticks, a traditional scroll well, customizable input buttons, and a mini joystick. These buttons will allow for smoother gameplay across a plethora of titles and give you the benefits of a traditional joystick in an easier to use format.

Like with most mouse’s you can customize the inputs of each button and the sensitivity, but you can also change the LED colors on this one. The Lexip 3D Mouse is available for pre-order on Kickstarter now and has a retail price of $149, but early backers can get it for $100.

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