HP is back with an updated Pavilion Wave at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, but this year it keeps a trusted design and adds a key feature. Amazon Alexa is now on-board and can help you accomplish tasks.

With the voice integration, you can set timers or alarms, control music, turn on or off the lights, and many other things through Amazon Alexa Skills. There is a custom LED around the top of the Pavilion Wave that comes in the classic Alexa shade of blue. And it will be used as a visual notification when using Alexa. The voice control is made possible through Intel Smart Sound Technology which delivers the hands-free experience in a 360-degree multi-directional experience.

And it is also important to note that the HP Pavilion Wave is a fully working computer as well. Even better the HP Pavilion Wave will start shipping with Amazon Alexa in the Spring of 2018 with a starting price of $549.99.

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