Dell Mobile Connect is a wireless integration between one’s smartphone and PC. With this app, it is no longer necessary to split one’s attention between their computer and their smartphone. Instead, all the notifications one expects from their phone– such as calls, SMS, and IMs show up on one’s computer. The program supports a wide range of apps including Venmo, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. Not only do notifications show up on the computer, but the advanced mirroring function allows for direct access to one’s phone apps on the PC. One’s favorite mobile apps suddenly become accessible through mouse and keyboard!

This system operates wirelessly, simply requiring that one’s phone be nearby to take advantage of Bluetooth and WiFi Direct technologies. At any time, one can hit pause to stop getting notifications on their PC. And fret not, the connection between devices is point-to-point, never going through the internet or WiFi providers. This ensures that one’s phone data is only accessible to the PC with which it is paired.


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