ZTE doesn’t have a new smartphone to debut at the 2018 CES after all the foldable AXON M was unveiled late last year. But the technology giant has a partnership announcement– ZTE is working with Qualcomm Technologies and Wearsafe to introduce IoT devices.

And IoT is, of course, the Internet of Things, the revolution that is unearthing itself at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Shows. ZTE is most interested in creating a personal tracking solution as of now, one that incorporates Wearsafe. And that means there personal security software and platform that it sits on. Ideally, ZTE notes that this device will connect the wearer with third parties such as first responders, monitoring companies, and family with the touch of a button.

So while this isn’t the most groundbreaking entry into the world of IoT, it is an important one and an area that will likely get more attention as times goes on. It also signals that ZTE recognizes the IoT market and that they see a future with it, and that is a good sign.

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