Courtesy of Intel.

We have a different type of breaking news developing from the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, as a power outage is affecting the Las Vegas Convention Center. It appears that portions of the LVCC are without power, including Central Hall which contains some of the largest booths like Samsung, Canon, LG, and Intel.

The Las Vegas Convention Center reported the outage at approximately 11:15 AM PT and it has been well over an hour. It seems that they are evacuating or instead of asking people to leave specific halls of the Convention Center, which is pushing many people outside. Yesterday, Las Vegas had a large amount of rain which resulted in some flooding.

It is quite astonishing to see a power outage at the Consumer Electronics Show as it essentially shuts the showdown. And I can imagine technology companies and journalists are probably quite angry. Some booths like Samsung, are using their own power services but anyone directly on the LVCC power grid is out.


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