Niantic just announced that they will be removing Pokémon GO support for any device that is not upgraded to iOS 11 on February 28 of this year. This means that the iPhone 5 and 5C will no longer be able to play their hit augmented reality app. In fact, any iPhone prior to the 5S will lose support, as well as any iPod touch prior to generation 6 and a number of different iPad models.

Niantic’s decision to remove support makes some sense given their rocky history with software updates and server support. They claim that this change will allow Pokemon GO to push beyond its previous capabilities by removing the limits imposed by older devices. For example, Niantic added an AR+ feature to Pokémon GO using Apple’s ARKit. This feature allowed the augmented reality features for Pokémon GO to be even more immersive by affixing Pokémon to a particular point in space for the player to approach and befriend. The feature provides new and unique gameplay but elicited little change for users who usually opt out of the AR feature by default. ARKit can only be used by players running iOS 11 on iPhone 6s or newer, which may have foreshadowed Niantic’s intentions to phase out earlier operating systems and models.

Here’s the list from Niantic’s website of the devices that are losing Pokémon GO support:


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