Ozobot has taken the educational world by storm, as well as the universes of general robotics. As there small Evo robot is powerful, but it manages to bridge entertainment and education into one experience. And a critical difference between Evo and other competing robotic products would be the upgradeable sense of it, that is all accomplished through software. And at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, Ozobot is pushing out a significant update to Evo, and it’s app, that introduces a level and reward system.

This new level system now provides users with rewards when completing tasks on their Evo. They are not so much tasks, but activities and these rewards are new features for the Evo, rather then something that requires an in-app purchase to achieve you can unlock it through use. You earn coins as you level up which can be used to decorate your avatar, amongst other things. They also added 27 new avatars that range from robot unicorns to robot zombies.

There are also six new example activities that users can take and modify in the OzoBlockly section. And the hope is that users will remix these and make these tricks there own. Another essential addition is the ability for Evo to remember offline activities, save them, and they add them to the app when they are back online. This includes when you use Evo with colors, which is another way to control the device when offline.

Ozobot’s updated Evo app is available now for iOS and Android at no additional cost. And if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, Evo is available now as well for $89.95.

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