Sony has revealed the 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector (LSPX-A1), an incredible new projector which turns any room in one’s house into a cinema. This product is part of Sony’s Life Space UX project, an initiative to integrate media technology and interior design. The 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector is a prime example of what they strive to do with these products. Using a powerful 2500 lumens projector, as well as the Glass Sound Speaker, this device projects stunning, high definition video onto one’s wall while producing an immersive soundscape in the living space. When set up just 9.6 inches (24.4cm) from one’s wall, a diagonally 120” inch (304.8cm) image is thrown onto the wall in a crystal clear, 4K resolution.

The technology behind the soundscape is something to behold. Sony’s Advanced Vertical Drive Technology from Glass Sound Speaker produces breathtaking sound quality and dispersion through a unique and thorough set of sources. By vibrating two glass tweeters installed on the front legs, high quality, 360 degree sound can be cast throughout the room. A separate subwoofer as well as three dynamically installed midrange speakers (left, right, and center) generate a truly immersive listening experience. When the center speaker is placed to the rear of the device, it takes advantage of the wall, reflecting sound into the room to further complement the audio.

Back to the projector itself, as with its technological aspects, Sony has spared no expense in the practical and aesthetic design of the 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector. The device boasts a marble top, half mirror finished aluminum frame, and wooden shelf. With such beautiful features, it will have no trouble fitting in one’s penthouse apartment in Los Angeles without spoiling the décor. With a rear cover in the back, the cables and connectors can be easily managed and hidden. Even the remote control has a minimalist design so as not to take away from the device’s overall beauty.

The Sony4K Ultra Short Throw Projector will be available in the US in Spring 2018, and the price is expected to be around $30,000.

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