UBTECH Robotics has just unveiled the world’s first commercial robot butler, Walker. It stands atop an already impressive lineup of UBTECH robots – including Lynx, the Amazon Alexa-enabled smart assistant – but Walker is the first “complete home butler.”

Walker can be seamlessly incorporated into any smart home, functioning as a walking smart hub to control other smart devices. It also functions for video surveillance, security monitoring, motion detection, and an instant alarm, all of which can provide peace of mind for homeowners who worry while out of the house. Like an office or work assistant, Walker is capable of hosting video conferences, email integration, and managing even the busiest calendars or schedules. With regards to entertainment, Walker can play videos and music, dance, and play games with kids. This versatility allows it to be a useful companion for anyone in the house or office.

Walker’s abilities are still in the works, with a set of functional arms and additional interactive control features that have yet to be incorporated into Walker’s overall design. For now, Walker is already able to do a lot — with a pair of legs to carry it wherever you need it.

Walker’s many capabilities build upon the robotics we’ve seen from UBTECH in the past — Lynx, another one of their robots, is a small humanoid design that links up with Amazon Alexa and is equipped with facial recognition software for a high-tech smart experience. UBTECH has also designed educational robots for children to learn STEM skills at a young age, as well as a high-tech Stormtrooper robot. Walker takes that tech a step further to maximize functionality, and this robot lineup provides insight into a future where many household tasks and organizational chores are performed by robots.

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