It has been 11 days since Logan Paul shocked the internet and partially the world with a 100% unequivocally unacceptable video that he chose to publish. Since then we have seen many YouTubers call him out for his actions and note that his actions were incredibly distasteful and did not belong on the platform. YouTubers such as Casey Neistat and iJustine amongst many others had a strong and sharp reaction–the common theme being that suicide is not something to be joked about and the fact that Logan Paul tried to spin it in the way he did only made matters worse.

YouTube has not been the quickest to help resolve this problem, especially after the original video titled “We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest“ made it into the trending list and reuploads have been resurfacing since the video had been originally taken down. Their original statement was:

Our hearts go out to the family of the person featured in the video. YouTube prohibits violent or gory content posted in a shocking, sensational or disrespectful manner.  If a video is graphic, it can only remain on the site when supported by appropriate educational or documentary information and in some cases it will be age-gated. We partner with safety groups such as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to provide educational resources that are incorporated in our YouTube Safety Center.

But now, 11 days later YouTube has announced that it is removing Logan Paul from Google Preferred, a top-tier ad platform and that he will not be in future YouTube Red content for now, as they are on hold. Their new statement is as follows: 

In light of recent events, we have decided to remove Logan Paul’s channels from Google Preferred. Additionally,  we will not feature Logan in season 4 of ‘Foursome’ and his new Originals are on hold.

YouTube’s statement represents the company finally taking action and this is a good step for them. It also comes after heavy backlash and outcry from other YouTubers and many fans of the platform. They started an open conversation via a series of tweets, which are embedded below, on January 9th which aimed to clear something up. It also let the public know that they were still investigating this issue and further action to be taken against Logan Paul.


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