The Google Assistant might be the star of the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, but Hogar Controls latest product pack this smart assistant into more than just a speaker. Meet Milo a combination smart speaker and smart hub from Hogar Controls.

Milo is not just a smart speaker with the Google Assistant, but it is a smart hub featuring Z-Wave Plus, ZigBee, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity. It would be hard to find a device that Milo cannot connect too. This means it can be the central connection point and control for countless Smart Home items like thermostats, smart locks, security camera, garage doors, and more.

And Hogar Controls made Milo a sleek-looking device, as it has a glass top that doubles as a touchscreen for controls. Encasing that glass top is an aluminum rim, plus it ships in light gray or black at launch. You can control Milo with your voice, touch control, or even with a mobile application.

Hogar Control’s Milo will ship in Quarter 1 of 2018 for $149.99.

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