IC Realtime specializes in security solutions and has launched Ella at CES 2018. And Ella is a cloud-based software that uses artificial intelligence to make any security camera smart. It will let you search across videos, and it will find objects, colors, people, vehicles, animals and more. Ella will allow you search through the stream of videos that your security camera records and saves, but it makes sense of all the footage by what it on the screen at any given time.

When Ella is put online for any given security feed, it will start watching the available footage and begin to take what it is seeing. It will highlight important moments and develops a list of what you search for the most. You can search for package delivers or something more specific like a certain type of car. It aims to bring what Amazon is doing with its package delivery detection to any camera and casts its net much wider with what it can recognize.

Ella works in two parts, a hardware, and a software side. You will need to get an on-premise video gateway device and then an Ella subscription which starts at $6.99 per month.

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