You might have heard of Peloton’s $2,000 Bike, which brings the likes of SoulCycle or FlyWheel into your home, at a higher cost. Up until now, they offer the Bike as their one piece of hardware and a $39 a month membership which gives you access to live classes, and a video on demand library with thousands of classes.

At the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, the fitness brand is introducing the Peloton Tread. Which is a $4,000 Treadmill that features a 32-inch HD touchscreen with surround sound. You also have speed and incline knobs built into the sides of the Tread, which allows you to adjust them to your liking quickly. The 32-inch touchscreen is where you can connect to a live class from Peloton’s NYC studio or one of the many stores in the on-demand library, monitor your progress, and see your overall statistics. Peloton also created a slat belt technology just for Tread, which should deliver a low-impact and comfortable running experience.

There are new classes built for the Peloton Tread as well–Run, Total Body, Floor, and Walk. These will be available at launch when the connected treadmill ships in the Fall. But Peloton is quick to note that the Tread plus the classes deliver a private home fitness studio and this argument is a solid one when you compare it to the cost of a gym. The Tread also includes a mat and set of weights to build off a traditional running workout.

The Peloton Tread will land in Fall of 2018 for $$3,995 outright, $110/month for current members or $149/month over 39 months, with 0% APR for new members.

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