Neurotechnology startup company Rythm has just released a wearable sleep-enhancing headband called Dreem. Given that one-third of the population doesn’t sleep deeply enough or long enough, Rythm’s new technology will provide a non-invasive solution for a problem that affects hundreds of thousands of people. By simplifying and miniaturizing high-tech monitoring equipment one would typically only see in a neuroscience lab, the Dreem headband consolidates laboratory solutions into a lightweight wearable headband that’s comfortable enough to sleep in. 

The cutting-edge technology is equipped with dry polymer EEG electrodes, which measure brain waves that are associated with different stages of consciousness, including deep sleep. Dreem can analyze how deep your sleep is and adjust its input depending on the quality of your sleep. Rather than direct neural stimulation, Dreem stimulates your brain through auditory input, using highly specified sounds to induce particular patterns of neural activity. These tones allow you to fall asleep faster with sounds — Dreem can help the wearer implement breathing techniques to quicken the sleep process, synchronize sounds to the wearer’s heart rate in order to help them learn to slow down their heartbeat and achieve sleep faster, and also includes a meditation feature to help the person achieve a meditative state prior to sleep. On top of helping wearers fall asleep, Dreem continues its series of auditory impulses that synchronize with your brain waves to maximize your quality of sleep all night long. Lastly, with a built-in alarm clock to wake you up during lighter stages of sleep, Dreem ensures that you wake up feeling more refreshed than if you woke up during a deep phase of sleep. 

It comes equipped with an app that allows you to view your sleep patterns, which provide insight into how to improve your future sleep patterns to make you feel as refreshed and energized as possible every single day. The Dreem App updates and learns from new information with every night’s sleep, allowing it to provide highly personalized visualizations and recommendations for future sleep techniques. 

Dreem is set to cost $499 and is currently available for order–stay tuned for a full review on the site. 

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