The Crayola Fashion Superstar Kit is great for any young creative! The kit is simple to figure out, and contains all of the supplies necessary to start drawing! The design book offers staple pieces that kids can get creative with, drawing patterns, and different combinations to showcase their creative genius. Once the drawings are finished, the kit coordinates with a smart phone application.

The app allows designers to scan their creations from the design book and build a “virtual closet.” While the concept of the application is fantastic, there have been complaints about the app’s function, as it occasionally crashes. During the experience to write this review there were no issues with the app. The app offers options for users who own the design book and who do not, which is great for all.

The design app offers a lengthy tutorial, and is best used on iPads and other tablets for larger screens, as the font can appear small on smartphones. Overall, the kit and the app are a great pair, and an awesome gift for any young fashion lover! 


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