Privacy has been a relatively hot topic recently, with the possible repeal of net neutrality which could lead to an internet with far more surveillance.  One group, however, is continuing to push for private web searches: DuckDuckGo. Starting out originally as a search engine, also called DuckDuckGo, to rival Google, the team has now moved on to producing an app for iOS and Android as well as a web browser extension for the three major browsers, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Today the team announced that both the app and extension have been revamped, making it the first product to protect searches outside just the search bar. The new edition of the service blocks online trackers, features stronger encryption, while also allowing for private searches and presenting the user with a security rating for all the sites they’ve visited.

Gabriel Weinberg, the CEO and founder of DuckDuckGo, stated that “I’ve heard time and time again that you simply can’t expect privacy online. We’re on a mission to change that, and set a new standard of trust online.”

The DuckDuckGo app is available on iOS, Android, and major web browsers.


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