Apple has recently announced its partnership with the Malala Fund, an organization led by girls’ education activist and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai. Though Malala is only 20 years old, she has spent the majority of her youth championing the fight for girls’ access to education around the world, and she has gathered significant attention throughout her journey.

Though the Malala Fund’s initiative, the Gulmakai Network, already supports education programs in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Nigeria, Apple’s support is expected to help double the number of grants provided by the Gulmakai Network and extend funding programs to Latin America and India. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, is set to join the Malala Fund leadership council to help spread and promote Malala’s vision. Apple will help Malala Fund with technology, curriculum, and research that will improve the organization’s ability to help girls attend school and receive a quality education.

With an estimated 130 million girls not currently receiving an education, the support provided by Malala Fund will improve conditions for girls everywhere to be able to attend school without the roadblocks of gender discrimination and poverty. The fight for global gender equality is not over — but with organizations like Malala Fund pioneering the road to education, and with the support of companies like Apple to help Malala fund along the way, true equality is growing ever closer.


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