Even though it was delayed and ended up missing the holiday season, Apple’s HomePod is easily the most anticipated smart speaker of the year. And Apple has just announced that the HomePod will be landing on February 6th with pre-orders starting on January 26th. Apple’s take on a smart speaker puts the focus on sound quality and musical capabilities.

The HomePod itself has seven beam-forming tweeters, a six-microphone array setup, an upward facing woofer, and the Apple A8 chip. All of this working together should deliver an experience that is not only tuned for each specific song, but also the environment that the speaker is in. All of this technology is packed into a 7-inch tall cylindrical shaped device, that looks like the current Mac Pro.

Powering the experience will be none other than Apple’s personal assistant Siri who they are calling a “musicologist.” And yes it will connect to Apple Music allowing you listen to over 40 million songs, plus radio shows and podcasts. You also be able to use the HomePod to control smart home devices through HomeKit, ask it questions, and all of this done with your voice. Apple’s HomePod will be landing on February 9th for $349, but you can pre-order it starting this Friday, January 26th.


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