Home burglary devastates millions of families around the world each year. Mitipi has proposed a solution: Kevin, a virtual roommate to keep your home or apartment occupied while you’re out of the house. Rather than following the traditional route by cracking down on surveillance and locking systems, Mitipi aims to prevent attempted break-ins at their origin by making your house look occupied in order to discourage burglars from breaking and entering.

Kevin will come equipped with a variety of features. After a simple five-minute install process, you can control Kevin using the three buttons on the device or using a smartphone app. The device’s smart algorithm generates random simulations with lights, shadow effects, and noises. This replicates human behavior, creating the illusion that someone is at home. You can specify your preferences based on your lifestyle, such as whether you own pets, live alone, or play instruments — Kevin will be sure to behave accordingly. The algorithm also uses factors such as your timezone, region, and weather to design Kevin’s activities and maintain the most realistic illusion possible. With Kevin playing music and simulating movement around your house, burglars will be less likely to break in out of fear of being caught in the act. (And yes, Kevin is cleverly named after the protagonist of the Home Alone films.)

Comfortingly, all of Kevin’s core functions will still work in offline mode. This means that even if your internet access falters while you’re out of the house, Kevin will still be able to do its job. Lastly, Kevin’s smartphone app allows you to control your device at home or interact with it remotely, allowing you to change your preferences on the go.

Kevin is a unique and innovative solution to a pervasive problem that affects millions of people worldwide. Mitipi’s Kickstarter campaign for Kevin hopes to earn $50,000, with early bird prices starting at $149.


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