The Olympics are always a sight to behold, and no not because of a limited edition smartphone, but rather for the athletes and the ceremonies. Along with a fantastic opening ceremony, including a huge LED floor with many projected lights, Intel was onboard to create a unique scene.

The technology giant’s Shooting Star Drones are back; we first saw them at last year’s Super Bowl during Lady Gaga’s halftime show. This time around there were 1,218 of them that created some pretty epic effects, like Olympic Rings. They even created some Olympic sports like skiing and ice skating; it’s a pretty amazing feat. When you think that each of these drones is controlled by software, a very complicated piece that allows these drones to fly autonomously.

While Intel was planning to do this performance live during the opening ceremony this evening, they ended up using a pre-recording take. As there were unexpected logistical issues with doing it live, Intel and the Olympic Committee were not available for immediate comment. Either way, Intel’s Shooting Star Drones continue to be impactful when they make appearances.


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