The trend of smart mirrors is certainly not one that will be leaving anytime soon. Not too many years ago the idea of a smart mirror might have seemed like fiction, and while some are smarter than others, iHome’s entry into the sector is a unique one. The iCVBT10 is a multifunction mirror that makes it easy to see yourself but packs a simple amount of technology inside.

iHome’s iCVBT10 is a multifunction vanity mirror that provides not only an excellent mirror display but also a great sound system to play music through. The speaker connects to any music device through Bluetooth and has a USB port in the back for charging through the unit. The device also offers an auxiliary plug-in to use for the speaker, which is of high quality and provides a high volume range that connects to the volume control of the Bluetooth connected device. The stand of the mirror has control panels for easy access and allows for users to connect and use the speaker as a phone for hands-free calling through the iCVBT10.

The mirror offers three different LED light settings ranging in brightness that can be used even if the device is not in Bluetooth mode. While the light display can be used when the speaker is not turned on, the lights are also on a timer that will turn off after a certain amount of time used to save battery. The charge of the mirror lasts multiple uses, and the mirror is reasonably lightweight. The overall mirror is of very high quality, however, the accompanying magnifying mirror is nothing special. The magnifying mirror is detachable and comes separate from the larger vanity mirror.

The product is a great purchase for anyone who needs a new vanity mirror and who enjoys getting ready with music. I would definitely recommend this product, as it is a multifunction and high-quality mirror and speaker. The iCVBT10 is easy to use and set up and has a long battery life. The additional magnifying mirror is not the same quality as the standard mirror, but the bright LED displays work very well and create optimum lighting for vanity routines. The USB charging port is extremely convenient. The iCVBT10 retails for $199.99.  


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