Apple is now seeing iOS 11.3 Beta 4 to registered developers via an over-the-air update, but it is also found on the developer’s website. iOS 11.3 brings with it battery management settings for eligible iOS devices like those iPhones in the battery replacement program.

This upcoming software update for iOS also includes new Animojis, Messages in iCloud, a new Privacy information landing page, iMessage Business Chat, a rumored redesign of iBooks, and performance improvements. The most substantial piece of this is Apple’s continue handling of iPhone slow down issues.

While Battery Health is still in beta, it tells you the maximum capacity of your battery, as well as the performance capability. On older devices, like iPhone 6’s which have these slow down, you can turn or turn off the performance controls. This Battery Health will also let you know if your battery needs to be replaced, which will be helpful for customers who will receive the update and if they are on the fence about getting a replacement.

Messages in iCloud were first announced for iOS 11 back at the 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference and has performed well on the iOS, watchOS, and macOS betas. I am excited to see how consumers will react to this feature, as it has been a long time coming. Along with some other updates, the new Animojis are fun and perform quite well. Participants in the public beta program should receive their next beta of iOS 11.3 later this week, but registered developers can get iOS 11.3 Beta 4 today.


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