Nintendo has long paved the way in video games, putting out numerous titles that people enjoy to this day. Even though I missed the golden years of classic Nintendo, the NES and SNES Classic Editions have still provided hours of fun. Recently I got to enhance that classic experience with the Super Gamepad by My Arcade, a wireless controller for the NES and SNES Classic Editions.

The Super Gamepad resembles its predecessors in the layout. On the left are the arrows, in the middle are the select and start buttons, and on the right are the A and B buttons. Naturally, there are X and Y buttons as well as bumpers, making the controller compatible with both Classic Consoles. The Super Gamepad is akin to the SNES controller with its ovular shape, though it is more of a pill shape rather than two connected circles like its classic counterpart.

This is where the improvements begin. On the Super Gamepad, there are two bulbous handles on either side that one sees on more modern controllers. It is also thicker than the Classic controllers. These features combine to make the controller feel much better in my hand – it is both more comfortable and more secure in terms of grip. Unlike the somewhat awkward way I must hold the Classic controllers, my fingers wrap quite nicely around the Super Gamepad. My hands happen to be on the larger side, which makes this even more of a relief. The Super Gamepad is also wireless, a feature which provides tremendous flexibility. Instead of tangling up my room with even more wires, I can sit anywhere (within 25 feet of console) with the Super Gamepad and not have to worry!

In addition to all the buttons found on the SNES Classic controller, My Arcade’s Super Gamepad comes with some extras. The home button in the upper center of the controller makes it much easier to return to the home screen on the Classic Editions. There are also two additional bumpers beneath the regular ones. Most exciting, however, is the programmable TURBO feature. TURBO allows you to hold down a button and cause it to, functionally, rapidly press itself. For example, instead of having to mash the shoot button in Star Fox, I can just assign the TURBO feature to that button and hold it down for the same result. The TURBO button is very easy to assign, requiring only that you hold down the desired button and press the TURBO button. Next time you hold down that button, the TURBO button’s LED light will rapidly flash. To unassign a TURBO button, you just repeat the exact same steps. Though this feature is very cool, it ended up only being useful in a few games. It was especially useful in Star Fox for the reasons stated above, but also found some use in Kirby Super Star, allowing for more precise flying.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Super Gamepad by My Arcade. Even though the TURBO button’s use is a bit niche, the controller itself feels much better overall. The buttons are more satisfying, it is more comfortable to hold, and the fact that it is wireless really tops it all off as an excellent controller for the NES and SNES Classic Editions. The My Arcade Super Gamepad is available now for $24.99.


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