Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, a new RPG featuring Disney and Pixar characters, was announced yesterday for iOS and Android devices.

This is the first collaborative effort from Disney and PreBlue– Players will be able to construct a team of five characters from Disney and Pixar franchises to fight evil viruses. Along the way, one can level up characters as well as customize their abilities and equipment.

Over thirty characters can be unlocked from classic films, ranging from The IncrediblesWreck-It RalphToy Story, and Zootopia to name a few. It’s also been teased that certain team-ups will result in special bonuses, like missions. Gameplay will the form of 5v5 RPG style fights and will also feature a multiplayer component.

This is not the first time Disney has produced a game features it’s iconic characters meeting each other. Square Enix’s successful Kingdom Hearts series is perhaps the most notable example. However, PerBlue has provided a unique spin with Battle Mode‘s digital, internet-based setting. The game’s art-style features 2D animation during combat, with each character having unique movements when they enter a battle.

Pre-registration is available now on the Google Play store and those who pre-register will receive a free hero when the game launches. iOS users will get the chance to play Disney Heroes: Battle Mode when it launches in the App Store later this year.


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