iOS 11.3 did not just bring new Animojis and battery health settings, but it also introduced Business Chat.

A unique way for customers to get support or information on a product or service directly through iMessage. Well today, T-Mobile’s iOS application got an update to enable this feature. While you were previously able to chat with a customer support agent through the app, you can chat in iMessage with T-Mobile support.

The feature works as followed– When you look for a T-Mobile store in Spotlight search, you will now see a message icon, simply tap that and it starts a new message through iMessage. Companies can customize the experience, for instance, T-Mobile makes it easy through built-in links to say if you’re a current customer and to verify your credentials.

T-Mobile with Business Chat in iMessage should make it easier for customers to get support, as you know longer needs to use a separate app. Given that the conversations can now happen in line with iMessage. The Un-Carrier is one of the first companies to roll out Business Chat, and it will be interesting to see who is next.


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