Xoopar’s tagline is “Joy in Technology,” and it fulfills that by creating colorful tech that stands in contrast to today’s minimalism. The XooparBoy Mini is one such product – a uniquely designed Bluetooth speaker with selfie remote capabilities that comes in a line of bright colors.


This speaker has a small silicone body of your chosen color (we got mint green) with arms that can be moved up and down. The speaker on top of its head is covered in fabric with the same color, and its face can glow in different colors to create aesthetic flair while listening to your favorite music. One of the arms can be clipped to your bag or keychain using the hanger so you can take it with you everywhere. The design itself is cute, and it’s a unique counter to the minimalist philosophy that’s been taking over the tech world. With only one button, it’s hard to exercise much control – you can take a photo on your phone, pause the song, or raise the volume.

Hardware and Connectivity

The XooparBoy Mini can connect to Bluetooth 2.0 from up to 10 meters away. The LiPo rechargeable battery is promised to get up to 3 hours of play time, but you can also play it while it’s charging with the micro-USB cable. Its face glows in different colors while playing music and after charging fully (while it’s charging it glows red), which creates a pleasant ambiance. As much as I like the rainbow array of colors, you can’t make it stay on a single color — rainbow is the only option.

While playing music, you can pause the song by pressing the button on the back of its head once, and you can raise the volume by pressing it rapidly. Unfortunately, you cannot lower the volume with the button once it’s raised.

Thanks to Bluetooth, it’s easy to set up. You turn it on, select it in the list of Bluetooth devices on your phone, and start playing music. The battery life is also very reliable.

The selfie remote feature works and is easy to configure, but I can’t imagine many scenarios where it would be particularly useful — group selfies from afar and full-body shots are the only instances that come to mind. If you’re into that kind of thing, it does work really well – the latency between pressing the button and taking a photo is basically nonexistent. Personally, though, I can’t really see much use for it, in spite of how easy it is to use.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is not impressive. Up close, the quality falters and sounds a bit gritty, especially at higher volumes. From very far away, the sound significantly loses definition. It tends to flatten out the bass, muting the overall quality of bass-rich songs and ultimately lacking depth. As such, the sound quality doesn’t stand a chance against most major speakers out there right now, so if you just want a good speaker I would suggest looking elsewhere. It does get pretty loud for its size. To an untrained ear, the sound quality is passable, so if you’re in it for the novelty and just want a brightly colored astronaut for your college desk, I think it gets the job done at a steep price. 


The sound quality isn’t great and the selfie remote works well but seems very niche in terms of usefulness. I do like the vibrant flair that contrasts most of the monochrome tech that’s being released today, but at the price point of $40 for the XooparBoy Mini on Amazon, I’d consider it vastly overpriced for what it does. It’s a cute, portable novelty item that works well enough for its size, but put some serious thought into your purchase before shelling out $40 for it.

From a raw tech standpoint, there are definitely better speakers at better prices out there, but you won’t find many that are this unique in design. When we announced the XooparBoy line at CES 2018 back in January, I had high hopes for the XooparBoy Mini since I’m a big fan of colorful and fun products; unfortunately, it falls short given the price.


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