Today, Reis & Irvy’s, Inc. debuted the world’s first unattended frozen yogurt vending robot! The company, a subsidiary of Generation NEXT Franchise Brands, hosted a Discovery Day at the Flex manufacturing facility in Columbia, South Carolina to show off the robot. After a welcoming keynote speech by several leaders in the company and one individual from Dannon YoCream, the conceptual overview of the robot was revealed along with updates on manufacturing progress and the day’s schedule. There were over 125 guests from across the country in attendance.

Known for their RedBox movie rental kiosks, Reis & Irvy’s have a good track record for creating and perfecting vending robots. While some attendees toured the facility, others got to see the new robot in action and taste its delicious creations. Two franchisees in particular, Ken and Nancy Karasick from Flint, Michigan, plan on installing Reis & Irvy’s creation in movie theaters all the way down into Florida.  They expressed their excitement about the robot, looking forward to be one of its ambassadors.  Reis & Irvy’s Chairman, Nicholas Yates, couldn’t get enough of seeing the smiling attendees interacting with the robot, likening their reactions to that of childlike awe.  Building it from the ground up, he remarked, was definitely worth the wait.

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