Two hours ago Kanye West tweeted that he would be producing four major albums this year, all of which will release in either May or June of this year. The first four were announced in a single tweet which teased a fourth.

That fifth album would be announced seconds later.

This comes as a major surprise since Nas has not released an album since 2012. Teyana Taylor’s last release was a self-published EP back in 2015; her upcoming album has not been given a title yet. Likewise, Pusha T’s previous project was in 2015, with his upcoming album being titled King Push. Kid Cudi, on the other hand, put out an album in 2016 and his upcoming collaboration with West is set to be titled Kids See Ghost.

All three albums are highly anticipated, as is Kanye’s follow to The Life of Pablo, which he has been teasing since that records release back in 2016 when the project was initially titled “Turbo Grafx 16.” However, it is uncertain what the current title of the album is. Nas’ upcoming eleventh studio recording as does not have an official name yet, but had been initially teased in 2016 on DJ Khaled’s Major Key, with the track “Nas Album Done.”


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