A few weeks back we learned that Google was working on a big redesign for Gmail and the new look is now official.

But this isn’t just a fresh look for a flagship product from Google–the redesigned Gmail gets a sleek new look and several new features. Even better you don’t need to wait long to try it out. Simply head over to the settings gear in Gmail and click on “try the new Gmail.” Google is bringing many popular features from the mobile application as well as third-party mail applications into the core Gmail experience.

You can now do more from the inbox screen– simply click on the main page to see attachments, snooze an email and set a reminder about it, or even move into another application all with one click. It seems that Google wants Gmail to be the main homepage for users, especially GSuite customers.

The snooze feature will come in especially handy, as it lets you not work on an email for a bit, but also won’t let you forget thanks to a reminder. My personal favorite would be the “nudge” reminders, which let you know when you forget to respond to an email for a few days. All of this occurs right on the main page, and these are features aimed at convenience and simplifying workflows.

The popular Smart Reply feature from Gmail on Android and iOS is making its way to the web with this redesign. In my experience and from other vocal users, Smart Reply can be hit or miss. Like with most AI(artificial intelligence) products, the more use it, the better it gets.

Confidential Mode might be the most anticipated feature of the Gmail redesign, and it’s pretty impressive. This allows you to remove the option of forwarding, copying, downloading or printing messages. Google’s secret behind this is that it doesn’t send the email but rather a link to the message and its contents to block doing anything too it.

Google’s significant Gmail redesign is here, and after some early testing, it brings with it some nice features.


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