Lego’s BrickHeadz takes a spin on the traditional collector figure, and they aim to add customization to it this year with LEGO BrickHeadz Go Brick Me set.

You will be happily surprised to know that this affordable set includes over 700 pieces. Running from hair color, skin colors, fresh designs, stickers, glasses, and even a surfboard. You also have an open-ended instruction booklet, that lets your creativity run wild.

Just as you have always been able to create a minifigure (which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year) with enough parts at a Lego store or in your home, Lego has continued the tradition, but with a twist.  Only now can you truly build a unique Lego self with the Go Brick Me Set!

Sealed in numbered bags in the package are Legos of several skin colors, hair colors, clothing colors, and accessories for your BrickHead.  Endless customization awaits, especially with regards to your BrickHeadz hairstyle thanks to all of the different smooth, curved, and triangular Lego bricks.  Better yet, included is an instruction booklet on how to compose your BrickHeadz body so you can quickly get to customizing. And if you need some inspiration, the booklet comes with numerous BrickHeadz you can make and instructions on how to build them.

Earnestly, this is my favorite Lego set by far. Zaney creations have always been possible thanks to Lego, but the Go Brick Me Set takes things in a different direction.  I am very impressed with how many pieces it comes with; it made it easy to make my very own BrickHead (and BrickHeadz of my coworkers).  The hair colors included in this set – black, brown, orange, and blonde – cover most people’s hairstyles, mine included. I was even able to capture my voluminous hair!  I am also very happy to see the inclusion of several different hair colors. This importance of such inclusiveness cannot be understated, and it is reassuring that Lego made options available for people of all colors.

Creating myself in BrickHeadz was a lot of fun, it was a nice challenge to attempt to recreate my hair, and it was fun to build the pre-designed BrickHeadz as well.  I think this Lego set really encourages creativity and poses a fun challenge to create yourself and your friends. The Go Brick Me Set is an excellent addition to your collection whether you are a Lego fanatic or just want to make some unique figurines for yourself.

LEGO’s BrickHeadz Go Brick Me set is a core example of a no-brainer purchase, at $30. Unlike other BrickHeadz figures which cost $10, this set features infinitely more customization, making it well worth the investment.  I highly recommend picking up this set and trying it out with friends and family.


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