Apple frequently updates its core software, such as Smart Annotations added to Pages, one can only hope that FaceTime is on track for a facelift. Users have been waiting years for a group function, but so far nothing has come of it.

Recently Snapchat added a large amount of group focused additions. Instagram and WhatsApp have both recently announced that their platforms will soon be receiving group call options. This isn’t a new trend either, group calls have been a big part of earlier video calling services like Google Hangouts. Group calls are a major piece of the video call puzzle; it seems odd that Apple has not found this piece quite yet.

Some fans have even suggested, as an equally useful feature, a kind of “smart call.” Suppose you were to make a FaceTime to a friend with your computer. This “smart call” function would recognize that and call your friend’s computer first, rather than their phone. The opposite would also be possible, calling from phone to phone without bothering the other user’s computer. Alternatively, a way to select which device you’d prefer your call to go through on would be satisfying.

Compared to some other video calling services, FaceTime may be seen by some as outdated. Despite the updates, many newer apps, including Snapchat, Instagram, and even Facebook’s Messenger app, offer different effects that can be displayed on the screen.

As this is a core app one can only hope that they continue to improve upon the groundwork. So much potential was established with this product’s launch seven years ago and delivering on features that supporters have been requesting for years, would be a great move.


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