Google I/O 2018 is off to a fast-paced start and the technology giant has already shown off some very impressive AI-powered technology.

On stage, CEO Sundar Pichai showed off the Google Assistant completing a phone call on its own. This is not just done through the traditional assistant, but rather using something called Google Duplex. This technology is meant to remove the computer sounding voices that we all have heard, and it replaces them with a natural sounding voice.

The results are very cool and impressive, but there is a privacy concern as well. Google only wants these to be used for conducting business– like making a haircut appointment or reserving a table at a restaurant. The technology is still very much so under development.

Google is making it clear that natural language is hard and while the voices do sound a bit weird, upon first listen it does sound pretty close to a human. While making the hair salon appointment it added in “uhh” and an “mm-hmm”–the person, on the other hand, couldn’t tell a difference.

I think the technology giant is really pushing where artificial intelligence is and what the future holds for it. Google is not saying when this will be fully released for consumers, but rest assured they have teams working on it. And furthermore, it goes in line with the mission of using AI and the Google Assistant to get things done.

You can hear examples of Google Duplex in action by clicking here.


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