Snap Inc has officially filled for its IPO

Months after rumors, Snap Inc has finally officially filed for its IPO. While the company launched as Snapchat five years ago, but last year they switched to Snap. In those five...

Snap Inc is expected to file their IPO this week

Snapchat is a giant technology, media, and social media company that has managed to stay private. Many other companies have tried to buy them out or acquire them, but not have...

Snapchat Spectacles First Look

Snapchats Spectacles are here, and we finally got a pair in the house. The packaging is unique and comes in what looks likes a tennis ball case. The box includes a...

Snapchat might be buying Vurb for over $100 million

You have undoubtedly heard of Snapchat, but you probably haven't heard of Vurb. Yes, Vurb is a startup that never really took off. It was a search app released for iOS and...


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