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Ford Sync Powered By Microsoft Hands-On

2013 Fusion and 2013 Flex Will Offer SYNC as Standard Equipment

While at GDGT NY 2012 I stopped by the Ford booth. They were showing off the 2013 Ford Focus Electric with Ford Sync Powered By Microsoft. I got a hands-on with Sync from Jen(Ford), you can see the video hands-on below. My Ford Touch is the specific system working on the 2013 Ford Fusion and other models. However, the main service is Ford Sync by Microsoft.  When you first look at the system it does not look like it was made or partially developed by Microsoft, it has its own feel and user interface. I think it is important that they are separating it from the other technologies out there. As it is completely different from what you would be using Windows for. There are 4(four) sections to My Ford Touch, those would be Phone, Entertainment, Navigation, and climate. Phone is where you can connect your phone to the car. From there you can make hands-free phone calls, accept or deny calls, and much more. Under entertainment you can decide what music you want playing. It can take music off of your device, a SD card, or a USB drive. Under Navigation you can see where you are, find areas of interest, and navigate yourself around. And climate, is where you can control air-conditioning, heating, and more. There are also physical buttons below to control climate. Sync was first launched in 2007, and since than they have made many updates and improvements to the system. Updates are done via USB Drive’s, that were sent to the customers free of charge. Making it super easy to update the software, thus making it future proof. Overall, I was very impressed with My Ford Touch/Ford Sync Powered by Microsoft on the 2013 Ford Focus Electric. I cannot wait to see what they are planning for the future. Be sure to check out the hands-on video below!


Ford Sync Powered By Microsoft Hands-On

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