NJTechReviews Virgin Mobile Summer Of Fun Giveaway!



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NJTechReviews is back with another giveaway that will most certainly bring some fun into your summer! Our awesome friends over at Virgin Mobile have joined forces with NJTechReviews to giveaway 6(six) awesome devices! Virgin Mobile answers to a higher calling and offers great no-contracts plans. They start as low as just $35 a month and all of their plans include unlimited data. They offer 3G, 4G WiMAX, and 4G LTE devices and all of them use the same plans. They offer awesome devices like smartphones and mobile hotspots. Up until July 7th, 2013 Virgin Mobile will give a $100 account bonus if you switch to them from any other wireless carrier! We will be giving away a Samsung Galaxy S II 4G, a Samsung Restore, 2(two) Ovation MC670 Broadband Sticks, a Kyocera Brio, and a Venture! We have 6(six) awesome prizes that will be given away to 6(six) very lucky NJTechReviews readers! You can use the amazing Rafflecopter widget above to enter!Β Check Out All Of Virgin Mobile’s Great Devices And Plans, By Clicking Here.Β Good Luck And Remember You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter!


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  • Elena R.

    The best is the price! $35 a month you can’t beat that!

  • Nikki

    Great phones and service with no contracts!

  • Greg Surges

    Great low prices and responsive, helpful customer service.

  • Jimmy Baez

    Their prices are unbeatable!

  • Yasir Faheem

    I love that they are prepaid and i do not have to sign up a long contract.

  • MIC4311

    25$ a month.

  • qew204

    Good phones at great prices.

  • slackericeman

    I enjoy their products for the montly price and customer service

  • betsy

    no contract

  • Esteban Amezcua

    I enjoy Virgin Mobile’s no contract monthly $35 plan.

  • Harvey Eng

    Their unbeatable prices and best of all…no contract!
    Good luck everyone! πŸ™‚

  • ghassan

    Great phones

  • Bridget Breslin

    I have been with Virgin for nearly two years now. I love the service, never have a dropped call, and my bill is the same every month. No more surcharge surprises!

  • Boo Oliver

    Great value and good service!

  • Riyalyn Gatdula

    Good phone to have!

  • @tammera111

    My favorite thing about Virgin Mobile is the price of phone service. Thank You πŸ™‚

  • My favourite thing about Virgin Mobile is the “Retrain Your Brain” campaign.

  • slmd

    My favorite thing about Virgin mobile is its name

  • Rick Logan

    LOVE VMU!!! Can’t beat $35/month

  • Lori

    I love that you don;t need a contract and customer service is great

  • Jorge Martinez

    Favorite things: Affordable & No Contract

  • Anne K

    My favorite thing about Virgin Mobile is the price of the monthly service! What a deal!

  • My favorite thing about Virgin Mobile is the simplicity of their service. Easy to buy, easy to use, easy to understand.

  • Colleen Stout

    Great service for a low price!

  • Rosa Vasquez

    My favorite thing about Virgin Mobile is their mobile plans, all within my budget and great service. I’ve been with them for a year already! πŸ™‚

  • Colleen French

    Price is really good!

  • Kristin Bell

    I love the monthly prices Virgin Mobile offers.

  • matthew

    Great, cheap service provider!

  • Anne Marie Larson

    I love having a great LTE phone and my service is only $35/month!

  • Dave Minyard

    THe fact that I seem to get better coverage that friends that pay 3 times as much as me!!!!

  • yair medina

    My favorite thing about Virgin Mobile is the price is amazing, i like how virgin mobile starts adding new Smart phones and you don’t need any contract what that’s pretty amazing too, for the plan .

  • loyri halliburton

    Great service, no contract and affordable.

  • Miike!

    I love how Virgin literally does it all. You have inexpensive phone service AND you can fly us to space. AWESOME.

  • Mathew Geevarghese

    Are you kidding me. This is easy. Number one thing…..Price! SSOO CHEAP!
    Number two…..Legit phones! Seriously idk why more ppl dont go for virgin mobile!

  • ceze

    I love contract free service at a budget price

  • Bongohpool

    Price and service

  • Monica

    Love the low monthly price

  • Brian

    Virgin Mobile has great quality service with a fantastic choice of phones.

  • ginhawks

    My fave thing about VM is the PRICE!

  • lilyplayswithfire

    My favorite things about Virgin Mobile would have to be the low price and the awesome service!

  • Victoria Sconion

    I love Virgin Mobile thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway!

  • Jacob Stonewall Pack

    I enjoy the fact that it is supported by sprints network πŸ™‚

  • Yamilet

    I am currently a virgin mobile customer and the best thing about them besides price of course is theyre customer service. The couple of times Ive had to call they have been super professional and helpful. Although I am not happy with my current phone I am not going anywhere because I love the service and prices

  • Matthew

    Awesome monthly rate and no contract!

  • Zeke

    My favorite thing about virgin mobile are their plans and prices.

  • dylan

    I love virgin mobile, I would love to upgrade my Optimus V for free!

  • love this

    love virgin mobile!!!

  • Robert

    My Favorite thing about Virgin Mobile is how affordable it is for such a great service.

  • James

    Only 25 a month for me been with them for about 3-4 years was recommended by a friend Now I recommended my GF and other friends to it

  • Bellasupergirl

    Love virgin mobile! Glad you make good phones affordable.

  • Wendy R

    i love the service!!

  • Tom Sventy

    great phone/great rate!

  • Diego

    My favourite thing about Virgin Mobile is the plans they have 35 a mouth? killer deal πŸ˜€

  • j3abre

    My favorite thing about Virgin Mobile is No Contract!

  • April JoAnne

    Love the money I save on Virgin Mobile! Half the price of my carrier and unlimited data and text!

  • Alan

    Been with Virgin Mobile for almost 10 years love there service and the plans could so use a new phone. Im a little behind on having a new phone lol

  • Katie

    What Is Your Favorite Thing About Virgin Mobile?

    I love that I can get all that I need and nothing more for $35 a month! πŸ™‚

  • Joaquin Nevarez

    awesome give away great products from a great service provider

  • Sarah Lee Ward

    the affordable plans

  • JMetz

    My favorite thing about Virgin Mobile are the affordable phones they offer.

  • Shevaughn King

    There is too much like about virgin mobile. With awesome customer service, great choices of devices, and excellent cell service. Virgin mobile to me is THE BEST cellphone company there is. Other cellphone company costumers should RETRAIN THEIR BRAIN and switch to virgin mobile.

  • Sylvia Almeida

    My favorite thing about Virgin Mobile would be it’s unbeatable prices. πŸ™‚

  • Uriel Abraham

    the affordable plans πŸ˜€

  • Erin Valentine

    I love that Virgin Mobile is easy to setup and affordable.

  • Isa

    No contract and plan at 35$

  • Jasmine

    My favorite thing about Virgin Mobile is that they are affordable.

  • Dan Newland

    Great Phones with UNBEATABLE monthly plans and no contract!

  • 9Johnnyn9ne9

    M favorite thing about Virgin Mobile is the good priced plans

  • akamrscarter

    fave thing about VM is affordability.

  • Jan

    Love Virgin Mobile, have been a member for 10 years!!!!

  • Joanna

    Love Virgin Mobile for affordable reliable service!

  • thetechnoland

    my favorite thing about it is the phones are cheap

  • QlimxeD

    Virgin is probably the best pay as you no contract plan service out there!

  • Wenster

    Been with Virgin Mobile for years! Can’t beat the service for the price.

  • Kareem

    My favorite thing about virgin mobile is their cheap monthly plans with unlimited data and messaging

  • Kim Moore Allen

    You can’t beat their prices or service.

  • Jessica Fox

    No contract! That’s my favorite thing about VM

  • Ariel White

    My favorite thing is definitely the price and the smart phones available.

  • Caleb Coffie

    The price.

  • joseph

    best thing is the price:D

  • Crissy

    The affordable price plans!

  • Jeff Wagner


  • John

    Good selection!

  • Lindsey

    I love cheap their price plans are!

  • ELC

    No contractssssss!

  • Tabitha Roderick

    I love that there is no added fees every month. I know exactly what the bill will be.

  • Christina Cannon

    love the flexibility in the plans πŸ™‚

  • disqus_OG5As25HTr

    virgin mobile is has affordable plans and good service better than carrier i had before

  • Kay

    No contract makes it easy for my kids, my husband and I to be responsible for our own monthly plan. Great lesson for my kids, ages 13, 14, & 16!

  • asdf

    cheap and affordable

  • Ash W

    easy to afford

  • Cody Cooper

    There plans are pretty sweet.

  • jeremy fowler

    i love free stuff

  • Al Sparks

    Awesome prices

  • ry1206an

    Love the great prices!

  • Harmony B

    love the variety of devices and the price plans

  • Tom

    I pay WAY less than ANY other provider AND get unlimited texts and data!!

  • Fifi Alba

    Haha this is so cool!! I like the 35 bucks per month rather than the 80-100+ dollars at others places!!

  • Timothy Zalusky

    Awesome sauce

  • Andy

    love the cheap rate

  • Danny


  • Rob s.

    Never had any problems with their service. Their phones on the other hand. Nothing major but I still had some peoples. Had them since 2010. I had them back in 2004/5ish. They got a lot better.

  • Beth Brooks

    yes please!

  • Tif

    I love their service ! never had a problem with it at all

  • Ali Goff

    I like that they are so affordable and that you don’t have to sell your soul to use their services. πŸ™‚

  • Nicolaas Aureliano Dewald-Aran

    Its cheap and for the most part good. I don’t experience dropped calls. I just wish I could get service in Mexico

  • atlico1

    The various phone models they offer are the ones with the features I want.

  • Robert Perez

    Excellent service at such a cheap price!

  • Noah

    I could use a new phone right now seeing how my optimus v bit the dust last week.

  • StalkerDave

    No contract!

  • Sissi Treadway

    I have been a customer with Virgin Mobile for about 9yrs… Im content with Virgin Mobile becuz their plans are affordable and flexible when need be.

  • Richard Rafael

    I love how I’m still on the $25 plan, but I’m looking to upgrade and wouldn’t mind paying $10 more for the $35 plan.

  • LiTsai

    The affordable plan!

  • favored_one555

    Virgin Mobile is no nonsense great service…….they aren’t trying to rip everyone off, I have control over my usage, and they are VERY REASONABLE!!

  • Carol Walker Wilson

    Service and features are always current. You don’t walk out of the store and the next day your phone is outdated.

  • la belle femme

    My favorite thing about VM is the quick response they have if you message them on facebook. They really care about their customers and resolving their issues! I also love their phone insurance options. My phone just broke and I filed my claim today! Hopefully it gets approved!

  • Brisscoe

    my fave thing is the price!

  • $25 a month.

  • R. Williams

    I have been with Virgin Mobile for 11 years and I can honestly say their service is amazing. Customer service is always helpful and friendly and the prices are affordable!

  • William Wong

    The great prices and no contract required

  • C. Maria

    Good customer service/awesome plans/brilliant phones!

  • mike cappillo

    I left sprint to go with virgin mobile since I have been with vm no issues and better price glad I switched and I am not switching back

  • Pamala

    Great service, great price!

  • MichellΓ© Riley

    I love the great customer service and how up to date the phones are. I get so much for having a no contract. I have been a customer for so many years and I love everything about Virgin Mobile.

  • Jumpondees

    I’ve only had a hiccup or two with VM, but for the most part it is way better than the prepaid plans I have had with Boost, Verizon, or Tmo.

  • Michael Clark

    Virgin mobile may not have the coverage area that Verizon has, but it’s service is top notch.

  • Nikke

    I absolutely love my Virgin Mobile service and I could definitely use a new phone!

  • Sam

    $25 a month rules, too bad if I won a free phone it’d raise my bill to $35.

  • Eric

    Great service usually and the cheaper phones are actually decent now considering price to performance ratios

  • Amy Rodriguez

    my fav thing is the low price and the service is great

  • ryan dorman

    I love the terrible customer service and my $25 monthly bill.

  • Bridget

    i love the monthly price.

  • Christina

    I love everything

  • Kate

    I love how cheap it is and the flexible plans!

  • rebecca b.

    pay as you go.