The day that many Nintendo fans have been waiting for is finally here. You can now Pre-Order the Nintendo 3DS, from your local GameStop! Our Local GameStop( Short-Hills Mall), stated that, “Nintendo still did not give us a price for the pre-order,”. When asked how much the unit itself would cost they said, “We are still waiting for GameStop or Nintendo to inform us of that as well.”. When we called another GameStop(US Route 22), they said, “It’s not in our system’s yet, try back next week,”. We also offered to provide them with SKU code: 020132. We decided to try one more GameStop(Union, NJ) they said, “Yes you can Pre-Order it.” We finally hit the jackpot. When asked how much they want down they replied, ” Just $50, however the problem is we don’t know how much the unit will actually be.”. Show $50 down, seems like the minimum, you can always put more though. The GameStop in 30 Rockefeller Plaza said, “You can Pre-Order it starting tomorrow, It will be a $50 refundable deposit.” They also said, “The system is gonna be awesome!”. They are very enthusiastic about it, saying it will be the next-generation of gaming. When we spoke to a gentlemen who works at Nintendo  World, he said ” You cant pre-order it yet, we don’t even have any info on it yet. GameStop is about to jerk(cheat) you over. Do not per-order until at least a release date or something close to that is available.”. This worries us why is GameStop allowing per-orders. We spoke to another person at GameStop who said, “Were just taking the orders that the higher-ups in the company have given us. We were instructed to allow Pre-Orders of the Nintendo 3DS today for $50, we do not now the price of the unit.”. This very fishy, as of know we advise you not to Pre-Order from GameStop until something more about it is released. We do not want GameStop to be cheating people over. Let us know what you do, comment below.



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