I am sure that many of you know what the mobile app Fruit Ninja is.  Basically, a bunch of fruits pop onto the screen and you have to slice them in half.  Sounds easy enough but you have to be careful because bombs will randomly appear making it more difficult.  Students in a virtual reality workshop at the FH Wedel University of Applied Sciences created their own virtual reality Fruit Ninja.  The controller is a moded Wiimote and the screen is a small room.  It is powered by 4 PC’s and has 4 rear projection 3d displays, 4 infrared motion tracker cameras, a 5.1 surround sound system, and 2 floor rumble pads on the floor that vibrate when the blade come in con tack with a bomb.  The project took two weeks and the developers are planning on using it for other mobile apps like angry birds  ans doodle jump.  This probably isnt going to be on the market any time soon after all it is just an experimental project but this technology could lead to virtual reality gaming for public use either in arcades or in the home.



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