The internet is a fundamental part of many people’s lives, whether for work, research, play, or procrastination. Access to the internet is why most people have a computer. When a person’s internet connection is broken, they often do not know what to do with the computer. So here are the top 10 things people do on the internet (note: this list is not backed by statistics)


1. Looking Up things

People do this all the time. A quick wikipedia or google search allows you to look up a fact or word you did not know before. It is useful for school work (if you’re still in school) or winning arguments with friends


2. Social Networking

Facebook… Facebook and other social networking sites allow you to communicate with people. Wheres email was like having private conversations, social networking is more akin to a market place where everyone talks to everyone


3. Email

Speaking of email… Email, despite the popularity of social networking, email is still prominent. It is more professional and offers a great way for companies to get in touch with you


4. Games

Internet flash games are popular. Faster to learn and easier to play than previous video games, theses provide a source of entertainment and a place to go to waste time.


5. News

With less and less people reading paper news these days, TV or the internet is the primary source of news for many people


6. Movies and TV

That being said, many people use the internet as an replacement for TV. It’s not only faster, but you can specify what exactly you want to watch.


7. Youtube

While movies and TV are produced my companies, youtube is in a category by itself. Most videos are produced by users or music artists. youtube is a way to share ideas visually and a way for people to discover music


8. Weather

-checking the weather, enough said


9. Everything else

It is surprisingly hard to come up with things people do on the internet, despite its huge quantity of information. I wonder what that says about people’s internet use…


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