Big Apple Circus is back with their all new show Legendarium! NJTechReviews headed into New York City, specifically Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center, to check out the show. This is the 35th season of the Big Apple Circus and this show really connects to its roots in New York City. It is also the first year without the Big Apple Circuses beloved Grandma The Clown, played by Barry Lubin of course. He left last year at a high point in his career. The new clowns this year are the Acrobuffos, but we will dive into them a little later. Legandarium is not a super high-tech show like some of their past ones, in fact it is more a dive into Circus History!

The ringmaster John Kennedy Kane, leads you through this journey of circus history. He has an interesting, oversize personality, but was not my favorite part of the show. At times he was cracking jokes and continuing on banter that the crowd was really not into. However, he did a good job of welcoming us to the show and leading us through it. I will say this though, he got the job done and had fun while doing it.

If you were looking for amazing feats, then look no further then Elayne Kramer. She is a contortionist, who appears to sometime have bones and at other times they magically disappear. I mean she will truly blow your mind, she can bend in many different ways that is most certainly not possible for any ordinary human. At one point she is holding her entire body up with the grip of her teeth on a metal pole. I was in shock, as you would imagine, and I am still amazed. And the big finale of her performance is the shooting of the bow and arrow. Most people would shoot it with their hands right side up, but Elayne Kramer shoots it with her feet upside down, and is able to make a perfect shot that will pop the balloon! She was by far one of the highlights of the show and will amaze you.

And what would a circus be without the amazing man on the flying trapeze!? Andrey Mantchev will be on the trapeze and another act as well. He used no net during his performance, from hanging by his hands to hanging by the edge of his feet, he does it all. He does flips on the solo trapeze with the greatest of ease (pun intended)! Then you will see him magically get from the trapeze to a rope and make his way back down to the ground. Andrey also appears with the phenomenal Central Park Dogs!

Speaking of the Central Park Dogs let me introduce you too Jenny Vidbel! These dogs will amaze you and they were all rescued from Animal shelters! The poodle will keep you on your toes and will fill you with excitement. You can also see a sheep dog jump through a hoop! The dogs were definitely high up on my personal best act list for this show! Jenny also has the Liberty Horses, which does include some ponies.  These horses are very smart and fast. You will see them going around the 42-feet diameter ring. You will see them twirl and bow to exit the ring, ride in formation, interweave with the different formations, and much more! Both the Central Park Dogs and Liberty Horses are great!

Daniel Cyr, is quite the inventor; He created the “cyr” which is a giant aluminum hula hoop. However, it is also much more. The grace that Daniel has with this apparatus is amazing, it is almost like it is another peson. He  goes effortlessly and gracefully from riding in it too having it spin around him. While in reality the performance is short, it creates a zen feeling. And it does kick off the second act of the show and sets the stage for what is too come.

And onto the Acrobuffos, after all what is a circus without its clowns! And while no one can fill the role of Grandma The Clown, they do good a job providing the comedy aspect of the show! Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone take on the roles of Monsieur and Madame. Instead of having makeup they use masks, which was the original way clowning was done. And be prepared to become part of the gags, as they use a ton of audience participation. Most clowns that you will have the classic big shoes, but neither Monsieur or Madame have these. Madame however has quite a large caboose or butt. And this is used to create quite a roar of laughter from the audience. Madame will have some difficulty getting up a spiral staircase to sticking her caboose in people’s faces as she navigates the rows of the bigtop! She will also be bouncing off the ground once her caboose hi’s it on a number of occasions including during the popular dance known as the “can-can”. You my even get to touch it! And it is a romantic tale that will have you shouting “Yoo Hoo”. Monsieur will go into the audience searching for a woman and Madame will be looking for a man. And you may even end having a Kung Fu battle and pool noodle fight with Madame, if you are the lucky one Monsieur has found. Overall, the Acrobuffos will keep you laughing throughout the show and do a good job of providing the comic relief.

Big Apple Circus Legendarium is a great show and continues on the great tradition of the circuses! And yet it also gives a good history lesson into the circuses of the past! Zhang Fan amazes on the high wire! You will see the Dalian Troupe perform amazing feats that combine the moves of a  girl pop group with extreme cycling! Quinterion will amaze you will his great acrobatic tricks. Katerina will put you in a dreamy state during her act of silk dancing high up in the big top tent. Menno and Emily will mesmerize you with tango and juggling–who knew they would be such a great combination? Desire of Flight perform with grace and passion.Ringmaster John Kennedy Kane will lead you through the journey of the history of the circus. ! Big Apple Circus will be in New York City, specifically Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center, until January 13th! So be sure to get over to the Big Top before it is too late! To Get Your Tickets Or To Find Out More Information On Big Apple Circuses Legendarium, Please Click Here. We would like to thank the Big Apple Circus for providing us with tickets to Legendarium.




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