Recently Panasonic has announced a new speaker, the SC-NP10, specifically designed for use with tablets and other blu-tooth enabled devices.  It is the solution to providing amazing sound that tablet speakers lack.

The tablet is designed to be placed ON the speaker, with the tablet resting against the speaker rather than docked into it.  (The device is “propped up” by the speaker rather than physically connected by a docking system)  It is small device, weighing only 3.5, but still promises to provide great sound quality over blu-tooth streaming.

“The SC-NP10 Wireless Speaker…offers…2.1-channel Surround Sound to produce sound with life-like realism …A 3-1/8 inch integrated subwoofer produces robust bass sounds…[and] Bluetooth® Re-Master technology for music which restores frequencies lost during Bluetooth transmission.”

For more information please see the Press Release below:

[learn_more caption=”Press Release” state=”open”] PANASONIC OFFERS FLEXIBLE LISTENING OPTIONS FOR TABLET USERS WITH THE NEW SC-NP10 WIRELESS SPEAKER LAS VEGAS, NV (January 7, 2013) – Panasonic today unveiled the SC-NP10 Wireless Speaker, an addition to the company’s 2013 lineup of home stereo and speaker systems. Designed as an optimal surround sound system for tablet viewing and listening, the Panasonic SC-NP10 offers users unique functionality for a variety of spaces and listening scenarios. Designed for use with any Bluetooth®-enabled tablet device, the Panasonic SC-NP10 allows users to prop their tablet, rather than dock, and wirelessly stream music or movie sound. Because the system is not a “docking station” it is compatible with various tablet models and sizes, making it easy for a family with different tablets to share the SC-NP10. At just 3.5 lbs, the compact device can be placed virtually anywhere in the home – in the kitchen, a bedroom or home office – giving users the freedom of watching movies from a distance rather than from their lap. “Tablets have become widely popular especially in the past year and more and more consumers are using them as a way to both to listen to music and view their movies, anywhere in their home. But, as many tablet user know, tablets tend to have poor sound quality and volume making it nearly impossible for more than one user to hear and enjoy what is playing on a tablet,” said Troy Livingston, Product Manager, Entertainment Group, Panasonic Consumer Marketing Company of North America. “As an innovator in sound technology, Panasonic decided to create the new SC-NP10 Wireless Speaker to engage consumers in the tablet market and produce a products that allow users to experience true-to-life quality sound while watching a movie or listening to music, enhancing their overall tablet experience.” For users worried about the listening experience when sitting close-by, the Panasonic SC-NP10 utilizes Near Field Stereo Sound to produce realistic sound even from a nearby distance. A 12-degree slant structure allows for the reproduction of stereo sound faithful to the original, even when listening at a close distance from the device. The SC-NP10 Wireless Speaker also offers users 2.1-channel Surround Sound to produce sound with life-like realism that offers crisp, clear playback for movie sound. A 3-1/8 inch integrated subwoofer produces robust bass sounds, packing powerful sound into a slim wireless speaker system. Bluetooth® Re-Master technology for music which restores frequencies lost during Bluetooth transmission offering users an uninterrupted listening experience. The Panasonic home audio products will be available in April 2013. They will be on display at Panasonic booth #9406/9806 at 2013 International CES at the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 8, 2012 through January 11, 2013. [/learn_more]


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