So, if you have not heard of Edelkrone before, they are Turkish company specializing in high quality camera and DSLR rigs. All of the products on Edelkrone’s site look very impressive, intuitive and sleek. Their newest product however is just extraordinary. This pass month they released the SliderPLUS+. It really is an innovative camera slider. (If you didn’t know, a camera slider is used to created subtle but high impact motions when recording video.) If you have ever owned a slider before, then you know how cumbersome and annoying to carry they can be. In order to get a 2-foot slide, you would need a 2-foot track. However, this slider is roughly a foot long making transportation easy, but it can achieve slides up to two feet! Edelkrone achieved this by allowing the track itself to move in sync with the camera. (The video below shows this feature) A motion control and motor unit should also be available soon after the official release of the SliderPLUS+ this January. The SliderPLUS+ will be sold for $499.99 USD and be available on the Edelkrone store. I cannot wait play around with what looks to be an amazing camera slider. For more information please see the gallery, press release, and video below. Stay Tuned To NJTechReviews For Round The Clock Coverage Of The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show!

Press Release

A new Slider from edelkrone

edelkrone, – December 12 , 2012 – edelkrone is proud to announce a new slider
system “Slider PLUS+” optimized for filmmakers who has the maximum interest in
portability without compromise. Just like the rest of edelkrone products Slider
PLUS+ also has important innovations embodied in its design.

The Slider PLUS+ is the first slider with the ability to extend beyond its total
length. For the first time it is possible to carry a compact sized slider in a bag and
have a 2 ft. long slider performance if needed without any setup.

The SliderPLUS’s price is 499 USD and can be purchased from The shipping of the products is planned to be in early

SliderPLUS also has an extension port for a DC motor module for time lapse and
motion control shots which will be announced later.



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