Recently Panasonic announced its new line of headphones, with several new models which are minimalistic aesthetically but provide sound quality enough to please the true audiophile.

In Panasonic’s Iconic Series are the RP HDX5C and the RP HDX3W.  The 5Cs are sleek and thin, with “a large 40mm driver unit and 8Hz-26kHz frequency response for superior sound quality” and plush ear cushions for extended listening comfort.  An added bonus is the built-in remote and microphone so that smartphone users don’t have to unplug the headphones to take calls.

The 3Ws are centered around a conical ear bud, that both supports your ear while keeping the headphones in place.  “With a frequency response of 10Hz-25kHz and 30mm driver unit the headphones are ideal for high-quality sound reproduction”, and like the C5s have microphone for calls.

Its earbud style of headphones have been revamped too.  The Panasonic RP-HC56 are noise canceling, reducing outside noise by 92%.  They require only a single AAA battery to power the noise cancellation, and can clip to clothing to keep them feeling snug.  It comes with “A cord holder attachment [which] provides tangle-free cord storage,…an Air Plug and convenient carrying pouch.”

The Panasonic RP-HJE190 are your classic earbud headphones.  A Neodymium magnet provides rich bass sound and an ErgofFit allows it to conform perfectly to the ear.

Last but not least are Panasonic RP-HV41 earbud headphones which are made of Elastomer material and a Neodymium magnet.

All models come in a variety of colors.  Nice.

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Pictures of each are below.


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