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Well, the New Jersey, or as some people call it the New York, Superbowl happened last night and while the game wasn’t the best, AT&T handled a huge amount of network usage at MetLife Stadium. Just a reminder, that MetLife Stadium is actually in NJ, East Rutherford New Jersey to be exact. Traffic on their network was the highest it has ever been at pro football championship game. There was 624GBs of data used, that is around 1.8 million social media posts with photos attached. This was up 60% in comparison to last years Superbowl in New Orleans. It wasn’t just data being used on AT&T’s network, over 55,000 phone call were made at the game, just on their in stadium network. In between 5-6PM EST on the 2nd, over 116GBs of data were consumed, this was the highest period during the game. This means a lot of the fans were posting selfies or using the internet in some way. This was the minutes right before the kick off, overall it was a busy night for AT&T’s network. I can only wait to see how much their network is used at next years Superbowl, but I am sure the AT&T network can handle it. Check out a neat graph showing the network usage since 2011 up to 2014.

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