VZW World Messaging

Starting February 7th 2014 and going all the way to the 13th of the month, we will see the world come together for 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The olympics are always some of the most watched and spoken about events in the world. During this times, the entire world is watching and some are even attending the games. It is time when we are connected through these events and we can use technology to enhance our experiences. We can connect via a messaging application, via photos, videos, social networks, and many others. 

Verizon is now making it easier to help you stay connected when you are away from home. Coming in to the room we see the World Messaging Unlimited Plan, for just a $5 monthly access fee per line. You get an unlimited allowance for messages sent from the U.S. to select countries around the world. Customers on this plan can also make phone calls at a discounted rate of 1 cent per minute for calls made from the U.S. to landline and wireless phones in Mexico and Canada and 5 cents per minute on calls made from the U.S. to landlines and wireless phones in most Caribbean and Central American countries. Then after the games, you can still connect with your friends and family overseas who are international. This new plan from Verizon, is available now.



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