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Verizon Wireless is making headlines again, this time it has to do with giving more. Whether it be more storage, speed, network, Verizon is aiming for it all and they don’t want to give you a price hike either. Introducing MORE Everything, a new way to look at wireless plans. Customers are using more and more tools that revolve around their smart devices, Verizon wants to make sure you can access all of this on your 4G LTE powered devices.

Let’s talk about what MORE Everything will give you the customers, and everyone who is on a Share Everything plan, is being moved to a MORE Everything plan.  If you pair your plan with be eligible for $10 off monthly smartphone access for data allowances up to 8GB Verizon Edge and $20 off plans of 10GB or higher. This will help you save money, which is always a good thing for the customer.

You already get Unlimited domestic text, video, and photo messaging, you can add Unlimited international messaging to that list as well with MORE Everything.

For you data, select customers will see their data allowance doubled for the same monthly price they paid previously. You will also get double the bandwidth of your network across the country, this means even faster speeds on an already lightning fast 4G LTE network.

Each line on these plans, will get 25GB of cloud storage from Verizon Wireless for free. This means you can back up all of your important information, like contacts, photos, files, and more. You can access them from other smart devices and computers. Even if you update your software on your device or get a new device, you information will be stay safe.

Verizon will be offering MORE Everything plan customers three months free of two unique services, after those three free months, they will cost $5 per each for each month. Family Base is an interesting service that lets you keep an eye on your family. And then you have the Long Distance Value Plan which  provides rates as low as $0.01/minute to Canada and Mexico, and $0.05/minute to many other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, can be added to the plan.

Overall, MORE Everything seems to be Verizon’s push into the future of wireless plans. Instead of making new plans that require you to switch or drastically raising your monthly bill, they automatically switch your plan over and let you keep the same low price. Starting today, all Share Everything plan customers are being switched to MORE Everything so you can start enjoying the bonus features. MORE Everything will be available to all new customers, including small business customers, as of today as well.

MORE Everything GTM Deck-2-12-2014ag


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