Expedia Accelerates Mobile Growth, Introduces Major App Updates to Address Traveler Requests (PRNewsFoto/Expedia.com)

Expedia might already be your go to site for booking travel, but did you know they offer the same travel service in a mobile format? Well while they have had the mobile applications for quite some time, they have released several updates recently and they help to improve the experience. Expedia has been critical when releasing these updates, they are choosing to add new features and enhance older ones, based on responses from consumers. Not only do you get access to many flights and hotels, but you can get rental cars and see activities for a variety of destinations.

While Expedia has unleashed several updates over the past couple of weeks, they have also refreshed the experience. There is a new launch screen which opens into a new tile layout. To go along with your flight and hotel booking, you can now see top activities for your trip. You can see activities based on age and interests as well.

Expedia has added the capability of being able to rent a car for your trip, this was a highly requested feature, so it is nice to see that the company is taking customers option into an account.

Lastly, on iOS, the Expedia application offers a companion application for the Apple Watch. It will let you see information with click glances, as well as receive important notifications. You can check out a video showcasing the new features of the Expedia mobile application below!


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