Lip Sync Battle; Iggy Azalea vs Nick Young
Lip Sync Battle; Iggy Azalea vs Nick Young

Lip Sync Battle is back with another new episode this week and it appears like it will be another good one. Battling it out for the ultimate prize and bragging rights this week will be Iggy Azalea and Nick Young. Iggy is known for her signing and is from Australia, plus she will be battling it out against her partner Nick Young. Nick is a basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers.Spike has just dropped a teaser video for one of Iggy Azalea’s performances. In the video we she her rocking out and dancing to “Freak Me” by Silk. And in fact you get a silk screen in the background with some shadow dancing. Overall, it appears like it will be a fun episode with some tension as the too competing are together.

No word on what Nick Young is performing as of yet, but they should drop a teaser for it later this week, most likely on Thursday. You can watch this episode of Lip Sync Battle on Spike on Thursday, August 13th, at 10PM ET/PT. You can see the teaser video and a gallery below.



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