Coming out the same day as the RootMetrics national study results, AT&T has just announced that they got the highest rank in the J.D. Power Wireless Purchase Experience Study. In fact this is AT&T’s sixth consecutive win in this study, it comes out twice a year and this is third year in a row to take the win.

AT&T officially scored highest in five out of the six categories, including in store sales representative and phone sales representative. The fielding period for this study was from July through December of 2015 and they surveyed over 11,000 wireless consumers.

While this study doesn’t really speak to the quality of the network and the technology put in place, it does speak to the service within the store. It appears that AT&T wants to make sure the customers have a great experience whether it be in store or through the phone. This is especially important, as DirecTV is now a subsidiary of the carrier and this means more customer experience.


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