GoPro VR

GoPro is an awesome company, but no company is with out challenges that arise. They had a big loss in the fourth quarter of last year and they did some regrouping. Essentially the affordable GoPro models that were launched, were taken off the market. But they have also been teasing a consumer drone, Karma, which looks epic. Unfortunately, GoPro will be delaying the launch of Karma, until later this year. But, still on track is the launch of the more professional Omni drone.

More specifically, GoPro’s highly anticipated drone will be launching closer to the winter. The good news is here is that this will build up excitement and this might be a make or break point for the company. The Karma is the consumer orientated drone from GoPro, they also have the Omni drone which is meant for the professionals.

While they did announce a delay of the Karma, not much else is known about this product as of yet. Surprisingly, along with announcing the delay, the company released the first video sample from the Omni drone.


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